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 | Condo profile A nniversaries can mark what has been accomplished in the past, but Avalon Master Builder chooses to com- memorate their milestones by looking to the future, as they launch their latest multi-family achievement as part of their 30th anniversary celebrations. Avalon unveils two new show homes for the latest in their highly successful ZEN townhomes franchise: ZEN in Auburn Bay. Open- ing on March 16, the launch is part of their yearlong celebrations marking three decades in the business. This ambitious 189-unit development in the popular lakeside community in the southeast brings to focus the enormous strides the award-winning builder has taken in perfecting the homebuild- ing process since they started in 1983. But Avalon President and CEO, Ryan Scott, says they don’t stop at building the best homes possible, as they continue to pay par- ticular attention to customer service, as well. “Customer service is paramount in Avalon’s business, after all our clients are entrusting us with one of the biggest purchases of their lives and it is up to us to make the whole process as smooth and stress-free for them as possible.” He adds that Avalon Master Builder has a lot of happy custom- ers. “Over the past 30 years over 1,000 families have purchased our homes. In 2006 we were recognized by the Alberta New Home War- ranty Program for 24 years without a single unsatisfied customer complaint,” Scott adds. He points out that Avalon has been the recipient of several Cus- tomer Choice Awards from local, provincial and national home builders’ associations. It’s the kind of service you can only expect from an organization that values family ties as much as Avalon does. “Avalon was started by my father, Steve, in 1983 in Red Deer, my sister and I have been part of the company since it started and I gradually took over the day-to-day responsibilities in the 2000s,” Scott says. “Today, we remain a tight-knit team with our partners who know the value of treating our customers as part of our family.” He does realize the company cannot just run on the goodwill of clients, so their focus has ever been on building structural- ly sound, sustainable homes that customers would be proud to call home. “This is why we’ve partnered with celebrity home renovator, Mike Holmes, in the Holmes Approved Homes program that assures our buyers that they are getting a well-built, environmentally sustainable home at a very affordable price.” » a p r i l 2 0 1 3 CONDO LIVING | 19