At Source Media Group, we believe the best results come from working
together — with each other, our clients and our readers.

shutterstock_250261546We’re a true team with rich and varied backgrounds in a variety of media. Our people possess a deep understanding of how to reach and engage audiences. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we specialize in lifestyle, community and the residential real estate sector — fields in which we have unparalleled expertise.

We know that life doesn’t stop when you buy a home, and neither does the value of our magazines. But we’re also people with a wide range of knowledge and interests, which we expand and explore through custom publishing
projects and events focusing on a variety of industries and topics.


Source Media Group Corp. is a multifaceted communications company based in Calgary, Canada. With a full-time staff of 13 and a deep pool of contract specialists, we produce consumer and .business magazines, brochures, booklets and special events.

Beginning with print publications focused on the residential real estate sector, Source has expanded its offerings since 2003 into a diverse range of fields, and into the digital realm.


Source Media Group was founded in October 2003 by Richard MacQuarrie and Norma Robertson. Both had extensive media experience, and saw an opportunity to serve the residential real estate industry with informative and engaging magazines driven by high-quality visuals and local content.

Source’s first magazine, issue #1 of Condo Source (now Condo Living), was published in January 2004. It was followed by New Home Source (now New Home Living). The magazines were published every two weeks on an alternating basis, so there was a new issue of a Source magazine on the streets every week.

In 2007, the company launched Okotoks Living magazine and Resorts magazine. Edmonton New Home & Condo Living and Red Deer Living joined the stable in 2010 followed by Cochrane Living in 2011 and luxury title Domus in 2012. The company also launched custom magazines for CHBA/UDI Calgary in 2011 and CHBA-Central Alberta in 2012. Also in 2012, Source began publishing a magazine for Wellspring, a charitable organization dedicated to supporting cancer patients and their families. All net proceeds of the magazine go to Wellspring.


Leadership Team

Richard MacQuarrie, Partner/Publisher


Sitting at a desk, making money but not having fun, was not the way Richard wanted to spend the rest of his working life. So, with his second-hand copy of Who Moved My Cheese in hand and an entrepreneurial spirit in mind, he started his own company.

“Since 2003, SMG has provided me not just with the opportunity to work for myself, but also to watch our employees’ families grow from toddlers to graduates, the arrival of new babies, marriages, divorces, too-soon passings, successes and failures and successes again. Source and all its people, current and past, give me the strength to come to work every day to give them what they give me: honesty — a company built on trust, hard work, innovation and desire. I’m proud of my part in Source Media Group, but I’m even more proud of those who work with me.”

Norma Robertson, Partner/Publisher


Norma’s “light-bulb moment” came early in 2003. She was selling advertising for a local real estate publication when it dawned on her that she could put out a better magazine herself. She started planning that fall, and in January 2004 the first editions of Condo Living and New Home Living hit the streets with Norma selling ads, arranging editorial content and handing all the financials, all out of her home in Cranston. “We eventually outgrew the space and had to move,” she says. (Plus, she was getting tired of the graphic designers raiding her refrigerator.) Four moves, a dozen magazine titles and many employees later, she’s still at it — publishing some of Alberta’s most reader-friendly magazines and still always on the lookout for good new ideas.

What keeps this Energizer bunny of publishing going? “A person can only play so many rounds of golf in a year,” she says. “And I’ve got to pay for it somehow.”


Team Members


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